Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yesterday's GOP vote results tell a new direction

From the voting results yesterday, it looks like centrist Republicans (I was beginning to think they were extinct) have finally realized the serious dangers of allowing the inmates to be in control of the GOP asylum/party.  It may be that the management is getting a grip and taking over once again.  It's the only hope for the salvation of the Republican Party and I think they are realizing that at the gut level now.  But, really, who have they got as a viable Presidential candidate?  The Tea Party consciousness is still very alive deep in the ranks.  Would those voters actually vote for Chris Christie?  Hmmm...given the latest about him, would ANYone vote for Chris Christie? 

This might be Rand Paul's year to go for the gold...but it's very doubtful he would win in the general election.  Same for Ted Cruz. Same for Marco Rubio. So who does that leave them with?  Oh yes, Jeb Bush.  Now, he's got a recognizable, electable name (at least, it used to be)---but also the added heavy burden of carrying the memory of his brother and Cheney on his back. And he's for immigration reform. And may be open to a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body.  Uh oh...big trouble brewing there. (See the following "From the News"*) 

Hey, maybe they can get Clint Eastwood to run, with a folding chair as the vice-presidential candidate.  He's got a new dolly by his side who could be First Consort, since he recently dumped his wife of the last 17 years--and is denying her spousal support (after he insisted she give up her career to be his stay-at-home wife).  Oh well, he's just mimicking the actions of other GOP role models like Newt Gingrich who dumped his wife while she was in the hospital having cancer surgery -- and Rudy Giuliani who had afternoon delight with his assistant while his wife stayed home with the kids -- and Rep. Bob Dornan who regularly beat his wife but claimed he is a "family values" kind of guy.  And on and on and on.....  The Family Values Party, Hypocrisy Style.

*From the News:  The GOP has been characterized by an almost obsessive focus on women's reproductive rights, as "contraception" joined "abortion" in Republicans' list of dirty words. But, amid the chaos, there is still more than one party heavyweight that believes the party's position on women's medical decisions needs to catch up to the modern age.

The former governor of Florida has emerged as the GOP's voice of reason. During an appearance on NBC'S "Meet the Press", Bush acknowledged that some conservatives' rather extreme rhetoric on some issues relating to women and minorities is understandably repelling those two groups from the Republican Party.

"I'm concerned about it over the long haul for sure. Our demographics are changing and we have to change not necessarily our core beliefs, but the tone of our message and the intensity of it, for sure," Bush said.