Saturday, December 15, 2012

News outlets outraged at Romney campaign expenses charged to them

We lucked out that the Romneys will not be in the White House!!!

News story:
While the election ended over a month ago, relations between news outlets and the Romney campaign may become even more fraught in the near future.

Multiple organizations are preparing to file an official complaint regarding large charges billed to them by the campaign for meals and other events, reported BuzzFeed.

It is common practice for campaigns to front the cost of meals and other expenses, such as bus travel, for campaign reporters and afterwards bill the news outlets for the expenditures.

But now some outlets claim the bills are much larger than normal. In one instance, reporters were each charged $812 for a meal and a rented space where they waited before going to an event. Reporters were charged $745 after attending a “viewing party” for the vice presidential debate that featured food and alcohol.

BuzzFeed itself plans to be a party to the official complaint.

One anonymous campaign aide told BuzzFeed that the numbers were not inflated, but that the costs reflected a widely mismanaged campaign.