Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sad story of a suicide that didn't need to happen

Relin, apparently an honest author with an upstanding reputation, had the bad luck to team up with a sociopath.  It's too bad he felt his reputation was too besmirched to be recovered and that he took a way out that hurt his family in such a profound way.  There are far too many sociopaths in our world (4 out of every 100 persons!) and they can't always be avoided. I've had run-ins with a few of them in my lifetime and been dismayed when I realized these people have no consciences and will say and do anything to achieve their own purposes But each person who has fallen victim to the creeps of the world still has a choice to stand up, admit he was fooled and reclaim his dignity.  I'm sorry for Relin and his family that he didn't do that.