Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pope is being sued in sexual abuse lawsuit by deaf victim

It's about time Ratzinger (he has the right name) was included in a lawsuit of this nature. He ignored the pleas of victims and favored the abusive priests over and over again. He covered up the sexual abuse crimes of many priests and allowed them to remain in the Church in positions where they were free to continue the abuse of more and more children.

Right now, there is also an investigation of the Vatican Bank, another criminal part of the Catholic Church, where sins committed by the hierarchy against the followers are shoved under the rug. This religion has all the trappings of a cult, as do most other organized religions. Anytime you have authority figures who set themselves above the people, proclaiming themselves to be the voice of God, you've got trouble. The Catholic hierarchy has been particularly evil for many centuries, and it is time for them to pay the dues for their crimes against the innocent children who were in their care.

“I think what the Murphy case shows is the deference that Cardinal Ratzinger and Pope Benedict would give to the priests,” said David Gibson, a pope biographer and author of “The Rule of Benedict.” Ratzinger, like other Vatican officials “would always accede to the priest’s wishes first, rather than the victim’s wishes, rather than justice for the victims. They were secondary to what the priest wanted and what he felt was best for keeping things quiet and taking care of the institutional church.”