Wednesday, September 22, 2010

McCain Proven Flat-Out Wrong on DADT after Scolding Reporters

More and more every day, McCain appears to be a doddering old fool and proven liar.  Whew, we are lucky to have escaped his being in the White House!  I think he will be most remembered and blamed for having unleashed Sarah Palin on the world.  He is now being ridiculed for all his turn-around issue stances.  He has changed his public tune, from once proclaiming himself to be a "maverick" to now being a robot-like Limbaugh ditto-head.  Many who used to admire him now see him as a hypocrite.  The article below (click on link) tells of his rambling incoherency as he defended the Don't Ask, Don't Tell military practice, and denied the military's secret, relentless pursuit of homosexuals in order to drive them out of the service.  It is shameful that Congress yesterday refused to repeal the outrageously punitive DADT rule.  Stupidity, bigotry, and prejudicial hatred still continue unabated in our land--especially among the fundamentalist types who proudly call themselves "Christians," but who practice none of the teachings of Christ.