Thursday, September 17, 2020

Some Trump supporters will believe anything he says -- Stephen Colbert show proves it

You've probably seen Triumph, the insult dog with the cigar in his mouth, at other times, making social commentary for laughs. Well, this time, on the Colbert show, he is commenting on actual Trump supporters who have agreed to be in a focus group in which possible Trump ads are supposedly being reviewed.  The joke was to find out how far would actual Trump supporters go in their support of their cult leader?  The ads suggest preposterous things (only in Trump years would ANYone believe such things!), and the group members are asked to comment on them. Surely there would be a limit to what the MAGA folks would believe and approve of!  

But no!  I watched in awe as they approved of everything Trump (supposedly) said -- even to the point of agreeing that possibly microwaving people would kill the virus(!)...and that children could be put in the work force because they are "immune to the virus."  Many other "suggestions" were made (ostensibly by Trump), all of which met with the approval of these committed (and certifiably commitable!) Trump supporters.  SCARY!!!!  No longer do we need to wonder how Hitler got so many Germans to go along with the murder of "non-Aryan" victims in WWII.  The Trump cult appears to be cut from the same cloth. YIKES! 🙁😫