Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Interesting Q&A about Life after "death"

This was on the Quora.com site today -- thought you might find it interesting.

Not according to the reports I've filmed or compared those answers to. What people generally say is that when they cross over, they are "disconcerted" that their loved ones can't hear, see, or otherwise sense them, even when they're hopping up and down saying, "But I'm right next to you! I'm not gone!" If one can imagine leaving a chrysalis - thinking that they've died - but suddenly become aware that they have wings and can go anywhere, it's a bit like that. "I can fly!" is something I've heard often in this research. (Filming people or speaking with mediums and asking direct questions to the flipside.) In "Talking to Bill Paxton" currently on Gaia TV, I asked him what he wanted me to tell his friends and family (I knew Bill for years). He said "Tell them I can fly!"