Monday, February 03, 2020

"It's Midnight In Washington" -- Adam Schiff's most important closing speech today

WELL WORTH VIEWING IN ITS ENTIRETY! Please pass this video along to friends, including Trump supporters who most need to hear its message. You know Fox won't be showing it, and Trump warns them against all other media, so how will they ever have the chance to hear the truth?

This great speech of warning should be viewed by every American.  It is destined to be remembered as one of the greatest and most important in our nation's history  -- a most impassioned plea for truth and a rousing call to patriotism, for the salvation and preservation of our democratic republic.  It ranks along with the most famous and revered speeches recorded in the Revolutionary period, when our forefathers were desperately trying to free us from the authoritarian rulership of a heartless (and insane) king.  It's amazing how history repeats itself.

Today, we are continuing that fight from the 1700s between the progressive minds, who want to save and protect the Constitution, and the conservative minds who, in their entrenched greed and lust for power, will sell out the country and the democratic principles upon which it was founded, without a second thought. Today's Republican senators are the "loyalists," fearful of voting against the would-be dictator in the White House. They are a present-day incarnation of those cowardly and fearful "loyalist" defenders of the British king back in the 1700s.  Like a present-day Paul Revere, Adam Schiff is sounding the alarm!  We must listen to him -- or pay the price of giving away our democracy to a ruthless (and insane) dictator who will stop at nothing to achieve his own selfish ends. 

The pathway we take is even more crucial in this period of history than it was in the 1700s.  In today's corporate/political world of unfettered greed for money and power, not only does our republic hang in the balance, but the world itself is in jeopardy. The planet itself is in grave danger from its serious disease of "humans."  Our decisions now will crucially affect the future for our children and grandchildren -- and for their actual physical survival on our planet.  Scientists are warning that thousands of planetary species are disappearing daily and weekly. They are rapidly being annihilated by climate change that has been caused by human actions -- and exacerbated by machinations of greed-and-power-mad leaders bent on enriching themselves at the expense of the planet and its inhabitants. 

It is not too bold a warning to say that the fate of the human species hangs in the balance and will be decided by this generation and the direction we take.  Two paths are clearly being laid out before us. Which one will we take?  Adam Schiff is laying down the gauntlet for our Senate representatives to truly represent the people, instead of the mad dictator who will lead us to ruin.  Sadly for us all, it seems the craven Republican senators are willing to sell us out for a tiny pittance of present gain. Where have we heard this story before--where truth, right and goodness were sold for a few pieces of silver?  Will the human consciousness never rise above the low level being demonstrated now by the Republican party, in this so-called "illuminated" time of history?  

Adam Schiff is a true patriot, pleading for us all.  We must follow the lead of this good man!

Benjamin Franklin's warning comment at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence bears repeating:  "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."   Only this time, with the planet itself in play, we are talking about the fate of all humanity.