Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Chilling to read : Harvard psychiatrist telling newest appraisal about Trump's downward spiral

I think what the psychiatrist is saying about the possibility of Trump leaving the White House on his own accord is probably right.  King Donald is sociopathically evil, but clever like a fox (interesting how Fox News chose that for their name--so fitting). He is likely to see that it's to his ultimate advantage with his cult followers to play the martyr.  Those who, like Trump, are incapable of self-reflection will never be able to admit they made a mistake in voting for him --so they will stay with him and listen to Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham (sociopathic, hypocritical, gushing sycophants that they are) continue to idolize him and blame the Democrats. 

We all know people (relatives, friends) who will certainly be Trumpsters to the bitter end -- even those who identify themselves as "Christian."  They have an incredible ability to compartmentalize and justify everything Trump does -- and to project outraged anger and blame onto whomever Trump is pointing his finger at, at any given time.  We see these cheering MAGA-hat followers at Trump's "rallies" (do you remember Hitler's Nazi "rallies"? If you are in your 80s, like I am, you no doubt do. Oh, how history does repeat itself if we don't learn the lesson the first time!).  The Trump "true believers," like Hitler's devotees, are indoctrinated to their core by his lies and fear-baiting dog whistles to them. They agree with and respond to his hatreds of "others" ("not like us") -- and, lemming-like, they will follow him off the cliff of historical infamy that he is leading them to.  The German people of Hitler's time continued to justify him and themselves, even after Hitler's cowardly suicide, and when the horrific atrocities of the Nazis were shown to them in all their depravity.

We can take heart that Donald Trump is now experiencing the truth of the famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln: You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.  Trump's day of reckoning is drawing ever closer. The trap that eventually eliminates all sociopathic, autocratic dictators in the end is getting ready to snap shut on this latest evil actor on humanity's stage.  If interested, you can read the following to understand, through an expert's eyes, how Trump is now seeing and reacting to his inevitable forced exit.

Close to a psychotic break? Harvard psychiatrist on Trump's downward spiral — and how his paranoia may persuade him to leave office