Sunday, April 15, 2012

Want the truth about Republicans? Look at Chris Christie

Chris Christie: The heartless, smug, bullying embodiment of the Republican Party today

EXCERPT: Republicans: They'll steal your wallet, then lecture you on the immorality of walking around without cash in your pocket.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth...

Meanwhile unemployment claims jumped last week, underscoring the bad news in March's job numbers and the urgency of more Federal assistance to combat unemployment.

The ranks of today's unemployed include record-high percentages of young people, aging workers, long-term unemployed, minority workers, and others -- and they're especially high in New Jersey, a state that is performing more poorly than the rest of the country under Christie's leadership. But Christie didn't offer a message of support or an oath to support them and work to grow our economy.

No, Christie offered a different message to the unemployed: It's your fault. You're just a bunch of lazy couch potatoes who think you're "entitled" -- entitled to the job you're not being offered, entitled to the unemployment insurance that's running out, entitled to the cuts in Medicare and Social Security we have planned for you. You're entitled entitled entitled ...

GOP to America: Drop Dead

Christie's message -- the Republican message -- is that you're the problem. You stopped dreaming or striving. The unemployed factory worker who's applied to three jobs a day until there was nowhere else to apply has stopped dreaming. The unemployed single mom who can't find a job, and can't move elsewhere in search of work because she's underwater on her house, has stopped striving. The Trenton warehouse worker who's been turned away from job after job because he's too "old" at 45 is "sitting on a couch waiting for his next government check."

What about the people who fund Chris Christie and his party, the lawbreaking bankers and environment despoilers? Apparently they displayed their "hard work and honor and ingenuity" by gambling with our mortgages and being bailed out by our tax money.

Talk Talk

Take a look at Chris Christie. Take a good look. He's not just a member of the Republican Party. He is the Republican Party. Mitt Romney may be more courteous and civil, but if you pull off his mask you'll see Chris Christie's face. And whenever the Republican Party "cuts the crap" and reveals itself, that's the face you'll see -- that of a selfish, arrogant, heartless lackey for corporate greed and personal excess.

Ya wanna have a "conversation" with us, Mr. Governor? Anytime.We're not hard to find. You can find us on the unemployment lines. Or working two jobs for wages that never go up. Or paying an inflated mortgage every month because the bank's corrupt appraiser overstated our mortgage. Or struggling with breathing difficulties because environmental rules were "relaxed" to let a polluter move into our neighborhood.

Feel free to grab some of your rich Republican pals and walk up to anyone of us. Just interrupt whatever we're doing so you can explain to us why the problems we're having are our fault and not yours. Feel free to tell us that it's our laziness and moral laxity that cost us our jobs, and not your greed and mendacity. Go right ahead.

You'll find yourselves in a conversation, all right -- a conversation about you.