Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Trump's mental instability - chilling video of it

Within this Salon article that so accurately depicts Trump's seeming insanity is a video of several not-often-seen clips from his recent CPAC speech.  Please view it and decide for yourself about his mental competency.  The author of the article asks Trump supporters to consider:  if their doctor or any professional in their life spoke like this, would they continue to use the services of that person? An excellent question.  And yet...and yet...they still continue to cheer on this temper-driven maniac who occupies the most important position in the world and is entrusted with the nuclear codes for the destruction of the world.  

Worst of all:  given the opportunity, they will vote for him again.  

Fortunately, there are more voters who will vote for a Democrat in 2020.  Hopefully, Trump and his basest instincts can be held in check by Democrats and Bob Mueller during the many months between now and November of next year. Let us pray.