Friday, March 22, 2019

Trump is running as a flat-out racist, and we are learning something important about America

Racism appeared to go into hiding for a while under the unwritten rules of political correctness  -- but, in this age of Trump, we now live in a different world.  This lowest-of-the-low President has brought out into full view all the racists, bigots, white supremacists and haters in our country and given them permission to proudly reveal their real feelings, in every offensive and disgusting way possible, through e-mail cartoons or "jokes," Facebook remarks, and their cheering adulation of a narcissist sociopathic dictator.  

I'm sure it has been a surprisingly sad revelation in many families to realize, as in Civil War days long past, that wide ideological divisions exist between brothers, sisters, cousins, parents and children.  In these sorry days of the demise of the GOP and the rise of the Trump Party in its place, you might find yourself standing on the opposite side of the bigotry line from your family members and friends.  People whom you thought valued our military and its heroes might now be defending Trump as he demeans and denigrates John McCain, a true war hero.  Some of these same people, marching in lockstep with their leader Trump, might even be speaking against McCain, mocking the hero whom they used to claim to revere.  Even the recent death of McCain from brain cancer hasn't stopped Trump from making derisive comments about him, opening the door for brainless Trump-imitating supporters to throw scornful remarks at McCain's widow and family members.  For shame!  

If you thought this nation had healed its differences after the Civil War, think again.  Prejudice that went underground for a while has now emerged in all its ugliness to tragically reveal that we are a nation still fiercely divided, intellectually, ideologically, emotionally--and spiritually.  Abraham Lincoln, who called on us to live from "the angels of our better nature," must be shedding copious tears from his observation post on high.