Friday, April 06, 2018

A treat for you: Beautiful love scene from Indian movie

Even if you don't understand the language, this scene tells a full story of deep love and passion -- the best love scene ever filmed, in my opinion. From the movie Jodhaa Akbar (one of my and Holland's all-time favorite movies).  The story behind this scene is that the princess has been married to the king (in ancient times) to cement relations between the Hindus and the Muslims (she is Hindi, he is Muslim). The movie is all about the development of their love over time -- he has agreed to wait for her to love him -- and this is the final scene in which she finally realizes how much she does love him. She has overcome the differences in their religions, which has kept them apart -- and has realized the depth of love beyond differences, into oneness... I think anyone with an open heart watching this scene will feel what it is saying, even without the English subtitles (~.~)

In Indian language with sharp images for viewing:

If you want to know the words: With English subtitles (but blurrier images) :

In the movie, the king has an enlightenment experience -- during a Sufi song of love being sung to God by Sufi priests during the king's wedding celebration.  This scene and song convey the deep feeling of love for God, much like Rumi and Hafiz poems speak about. To watch this scene is to feel that love for yourself, it so beautifully resonates in the heart: