Monday, April 03, 2017

Important articles from the L.A. Times: Our Dishonest President and Why Trump Lies

FINALLY!  Our 4th Estate journalists are stepping up to the plate and telling it exactly as it is!  The L.A. Times Editorial Board is doing a series on Trump -- it is a scathing analysis of this extremely dangerous president and is very important for all to read.  This man is a disaster to our country and needs to be removed from office ASAP before he dismantles our government, impoverishes us all and blunders the U.S. into a war.  The articles say truthfully that he is a gullible tool for liars as well as being the liar-in-chief himself.  AMEN to That!!!  Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are leading this idiot narcissist psychopath--and us--to the edge of a cliff where the ground is beginning to crumble beneath us.  HELP!!!!!!

Here are the first 2 articles in the series, with more to come tomorrow and Wednesday: