Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fwd: Words to the Wise from the book The Deep State

All of the following sentences in black type are taken from the book entitled The Deep State by Mike Lofgren (well worth reading for truth seekers):  

"The real fear of the GOP establishment was not that Trump was 'not a conservative,' as they claimed.  It was that he was unmasking precisely what they were desperate to keep hidden: that the Republican Party was no longer, if it ever had been, the principled defender of small-government conservatism and the Constitution, but merely a tax-avoidance lobby for the one percent pretending to be a mass party.  This was an agenda that the GOP tried for decades to make more acceptable to the non-rich by using coded language that spoke to their racial and cultural anxieties.  Trump's expletive-laden appeals to open hatred were the crudest possible caricature of the subliminal messaging the GOP had perfected. He was giving their whole game away."  

As time went on, they began to see Trump's value to achieving their agenda by taking advantage of the fears of the Tea Party types. "While Trump--a Vietnam-era draft avoider who appeared not even to know what the nuclear triad was--could hardly be considered a product of the national security sector of the Deep State, his demagogic skills and authoritarian demeanor placed him in a far better position than his rivals to exploit the national neurosis created by the war on terror."

At first, the GOP leaders were very worried about Trump upsetting their plans for the already-chosen pick of the establishment, Jeb Bush.  As the book says, they feared Trump's giving away their real agenda to continue big gains for the rich on the backs of the poor.  But they hadn't counted on the willingness of the ignorant racist-types in the low consciousness ranks of Republican voters to welcome the candidacy of a Trump and his outspoken blustery anti-"others" B.S. that sounded just like their own white-supremacy beliefs. "Finally," they thought, "we have a candidate who tells us what we want to hear. Barack Obama, that black bastard who sneaked his way into our White House, is a Muslim who was born in Kenya and is not even eligible to be the President of our white, Christian homeland." Without any proof of Trump's attacks against Obama -- even with actual factual proof in the form of Obama's birth certificate showing he had been born in Hawaii, plus the birth announcement that had appeared in the local papers on the day of his birth -- the Tea Party types were convinced that the lies Trump kept telling them were the truth. But so entrenched are they in racist hatred, even when Trump finally was forced to admit the truth that Obama was born in the U.S., the Tea Partiers still continue to rant and believe the lies. 

And now that they have the President they so enthusiastically voted for, they are still cheering him on in his ever-more-blatant lies on any subject that crosses his mind to blurt out in his daily tweets.  Never mind that their own eyes can tell them the exact opposite of what he is saying -- all they have to do is look (i.e., his claims that the crowds at his inauguration were larger than at Obama's -- and on and on with other such nonsensical balderdash that he spews out every day). The Trump supporters are living proof of the P.T. Barnum quote: You can fool some of the people ALL of the time.