Tuesday, December 13, 2016

In the You-Couldn't-Make-This-Up News today

Like a Marx Brothers movie, the Trump horror show just goes on and on...  But do you think it's humorous -- or pathetically tragic -- to have a man running the Energy Dept. who wanted to do away with it when/if he became President?  And worse, in an important onstage debate, he couldn't remember the name of the 3rd department he wanted to eliminate.  "Commerce, Education, and...uh...um...let's see....Commerce, Education...and...uh...uh...I can't think of the 3rd one." Later, he confirmed that it was the ENERGY Department.  And now, Trump has named him to head that department.  Laugh. Cry. Pull your hair out.  The Trump Circus Show is now in full gear. The Clown-in-Chief, Trumpo, has called out the little car that holds all the other clowns. They're all climbing out into the center ring, getting ready to run the country.