Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump meets his Waterloo

Hillary proved last night that she is ready for the Presidency. Trump proved that he is not.  It's that simple, and even the most blind (white supremacists, neo-Nazis) have had to admit it (but Fox News hosts like Hannity will NEVER back down! It's amusing to see them insisting that Trump's performance was stellar).  

Truth is, Tea Party Republicans have been primed ever since Duhmbya to set a very low bar of expectation for their candidates. They want their candidates to match their own ignorance, and most of their candidates do indeed live down to that expectation.  Trump has exceeded all of the lowest expectations in that regard.  Not only is he ignorant of national and global issues, he has revealed himself to the world as an ugly, greed-driven, self-absorbed narcissistic bully, who cares about no one but himself.  He thinks he is "smart" in never paying taxes, while the rest of us carry that load. He wants to continue in that vein and make it possible for all wealthy people to gain more wealth at the expense of the middle class and poor.  He relished that it was good business to have the housing meltdown -- good business for him while the middle class lost their homes and hit poverty levels in their lives.  This is the "champion" that Republicans are putting forward as their hero. Sigh.

And so the world turns....Will Trump show up for the next two debates?  He is already blaming the microphones for his debacle last night.  Stay tuned....and keep the popcorn ready.