Monday, August 01, 2016

Kid Quotes -- Your laugh for the day

We really can use some laughs after listening to the political campaign rhetoric from both sides, so here are a few chuckles provided by the best spirit-lifters of all -- wonderful kids with their own insights on life:

Never give up because life gets harder as you get older. After preschool the road of life keeps getting bumpier and bumpier and bumpier.  --Angela Martin, age 11

Never blow in a cat's ear because if you do, usually after three or four times, they will bite your lips!  And they don't let go for at least a minute. --Lisa Coburn, Age 9

Don't think life is easy, because when you get older it is hard work.  I used to think life was easy, now I have to do the dishes--every other day.  --Nick Coleman, Age 9

(This one is my favorite!) Take risks.  I mean, if you like this person and you don't know if they like you, ask them out and see what happens. I liked this girl and I asked her out. She said no and she hates me now, but I took that risk.   --Bruce Wagner, Age 13