Friday, January 08, 2016

Cruz's mother's birth certificate has been "found" Yeah, Right!

But do you believe it? I sure don't!  I'll bet it is a forgery! It sure looks fake to me!  I mean, who would believe a photo of something spurious like this, purporting to be a real birth certificate?  The Republicans taught us how phony these things can be with all of their relentless birther investigations re. Obama. Trump still doesn't believe Obama is a legitimate citizen of the U.S.  He and the Tea Party supporters have never believed he is an American citizen, no matter how many birth certificates or proofs have been shown. 

Thankfully the Republicans, for whom there will never be enough proof, have taught us that these things just can't be believed simply because a birth certificate has been presented -- and any such "proof" should always be questioned unendingly--forevermore.  Therefore, Ted Cruz can't possibly be an American citizen, no matter what this phony certificate says about his mother.  No, I'll never believe it!  Please join me in my Birther March against Ted Cruz, starting this afternoon in the downtown area (wherever you live).  We will be joined by John McCain, who just said today that Cruz's claim to U.S. citizenship needs to be looked into further.