Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Benghazi hearing is over

"No hearing should be conducted in this way.  It was really embarrassing what the Republicans did here today."  -- John Dean  (And who would know better than this Nixon-era Republican who has had more than his taste of hearings in his own life?)

I watched most of today's hearing and applaud Hillary Clinton for keeping her cool and showing how Presidential she can be.  The Republicans did her a favor, albeit in an unintended backwards manner, by baiting and bullying her throughout the day (and even in conducting this hearing at all).  In getting the viewer to empathize with Clinton, they no doubt earned her many more votes for the presidential election than she would have had before -- from voters in both parties. 

Except, of course, for those who listen to Fox news to learn what happened according to the right wing perception.  Over there in the Bubble World, they were treated to an ALERT--ALERT--ALERT ribbon constantly appearing on screen as the hearing continued. That's par for the course at Fox, where EVERYTHING is either an ALERT!!! or a BREAKING NEWS!!!!  Evidently, Fox viewers are not thought of as intelligent enough to know when something in the news is important.  They must be urged to pay attention with big bold warnings--constantly, continuously.  The after-the-hearing reports from their journalists were the exact opposite of what everyone else in the world was hearing from reporters.  But if they stay with their heads buried in the right wing sand dunes and don't read any other mainstream news, they can effectively keep from finding out what really happened.

As chairman of the committee Trey Gowdy said in an interview after the 11-hour marathon hearing was finally over, "We didn't really learn anything new."  Yes. True.  In all the other investigations and hearings into Benghazi, with all the information collected over the past 17 months, it appears there was nothing new to emerge from this almost 5 million dollar debacle (paid for by us, the taxpayers, thank you very much).  But we the people do owe gratitude to Gowdy and his cohorts who persistently and obnoxiously questioned Clinton in loud, shouting voices filled with frustration because they weren't getting the "Gotcha!" they were going for.  In the process of their contemptible hammering at her, they garnered sympathy and support for Hillary--and that is sure to translate into votes for her presidential run. 

Yes, they were offensive and insufferable in their witch hunt tactics against her.  But the tables were turned on them as she maintained her cool and showed her presidential disposition and extreme intelligence. She and the Democrats on the committee showed class -- and the Repugs looked like low lives in contrast. 

Fox viewers will not agree, but we have to remember that they are daily exposed to much lower intelligence standards in the ways they are manipulated by Murdoch and company.

Just my opinion, of course. But I think Clinton will end up being President -- and she can thank the Repugs conducting this hearing for giving her a great big boost in that direction.