Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good Essay

Barbara H. Peterson

Think about it. The world around us has been carefully crafted as an illusion to keep us from realizing the truth.

Illusion is built on a phony belief system

We are taught to believe that sickness is inevitable, and that doctors can cure us of that sickness using drugs concocted in a lab. For a price. There is always a price.

We are taught to hate certain people because of their beliefs, the color of their skin, their gender, height, weight, the way that they walk, the way they talk, and the way that they look.

We are taught that we need to have certain things to be happy. That material wealth will make us better than our neighbors and deserving of praise.

We are taught that there is only one way to win, and that is to beat the other person.

We live in a bubble, surrounded by biases that form our reality. And it is a cage. The bars consist of thoughts designed to enslave us to corporations that relentlessly suck the life blood out of us. Thoughts that keep us docile and happy in our confinement. We are drugged by the media, lied to by fancy politicians and those who would be friends, experimented on by war-mongers and chemical companies, then thrown to the wolves when we try to fight back.

We are trained to be obedient consumers.

We are trained to never question authority and to toe the party line. And we willingly comply, because if we don’t we won’t receive our next treat.

Woof! I’m a good little doggie. May I please have a bone?

A love for the truth is built on breaking free from that belief system

Breaking free starts with one bar in the cage. The first lie that is discovered and dismantled. And the illusion starts unraveling.

The real shocker is just how deep the lies go. How fully entrenched our world is in lies, deceit, trickery, greed and outright malice. A tangled web of false beliefs that bind us, undone by one strand of truth, leading to another, to another, until the cage entrapping us is all but transparent.

Until we commit to finding and hanging onto that which is true, we live in a constant state of psychosis, unable to recognize the truth if it ran up, bit us on the arse, and trampled us with all four feet. We remain happily ignorant. And controlled. And powerless to escape the cage.

If we are determined to break free, then we must stand. To declare the truth that we find, and live by it. To refuse to compromise integrity, self esteem, honor, compassion and life for a temporary fix of gratification.

Woof! I’m a dog that has found the stash and won’t settle for your handouts anymore.

And it’s contagious. The truth, that is. It is the thread that holds all of creation together. It is the mother ship, the standard, the crown jewel. It will never let you down because it is the firm foundation. The rock.

There is no debating the truth. There is no compromising with it. The truth is the truth. Lies bounce off of it, ineffective. It is the one and only thing we can count on. Everything else is shifting sand. Everything else is the lie. The cage. The entrapment. And once you commit to the truth, there is no going back.

Let freedom ring.

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson