Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kids' video of their own research on chemtrails (4 minutes long)

Isaiah ll:6. Isaiah simply, but profoundly said, "A little child shall lead them."

Encouraging to see that kids are aware of chemtrails and are doing their own research on it.  This video was made in 2012.  Maybe the little children will lead the way, as it says in the Bible.  I don't see how adults can be ignoring it -- just check out the jet trails in the video, stopping and starting.  As the kids in the video say, if this were a regular jet trail, the plane would be falling out of the sky -- a starting and stopping pattern of a jet trail is a dangerous sign that the jet's engines are failing.

Watch this 4 minute video and judge for yourself.

Hooray for the kids who are smarter than the adults in this case!!!!   It's time for us adults to start questioning and demanding answers from our "leaders." !!!!!