Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Favorite Maharaj quotes

Sublime truth.  Immediately eliminates the sting from the long dream's daily news.  Ahhh. (~.~)
One who understands spirituality through various concepts will be caught up in a vicious circle. With the experience of so-called birth you are caught up in the cycle like the picture on the TV screen. It is the consciousness that is playing about, and in that manifest consciousness all these various faces and bodies are playing about. Just as the play you see on the tv screen is not real, similarly this play is also not real.
After listening to these talks you still want to gain some profit for yourself; that is a pity. I'm not talking to you for my advantage, nor are you listening for your advantage - all this language is sprouting spontaneously in a dreamlike state.
--- Nisargadatta Maharaj