Sunday, June 20, 2010

Apology to BP Shows How Republicans Would Govern if we needed a reminder after the 8 looong years of Cheney/Bush!   But Joe Barton's defense of BP and tirade against Obama (for guaranteeing BP's setting aside $20 billion to pay damages of the oil spill) has made it perfectly clear what the Republicans believe, and how they would govern, given the chance once again. Halliburton is making out from this oil spill like the bandits they are--and you know that means more $$ into the pockets of Dick Cheney et al. I do believe karma will eventually catch up with the Cheney and Bush clans -- but do we EVER REALLY WANT them and their ideological conmen pals back running the country?  It's bad enough that Obama has become Bush Lite.  Do we want Bush/Cheney HEAVY back again, after the 8 years of disaster they caused us all?  I'm grateful that Barton has come forward and reminded us all who the Republicans really serve -- and it ain't "we the people."



"That [Joe Barton's scripted remarks] is an approach -- they see the aggrieved party here as BP, not the fishermen. Remember, this is not just one person. Rand Paul running for Senate in Kentucky. What did he say? He said, the way BP was being treated was un-American. Other members of the Republican leadership have come to the defense of BP and attacked the administration for forcing them to set up an escrow account and fund it to the level of $20 billion. These aren't political gaffes," Emanuel continued.

"I think what Joe Barton did is remind the American people, in case they forgot, this is how Republicans would govern," he said.