Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Highly recommended viewing: THE NEW POPE on HBO

Last night, I watched the first episode of The New Pope, which is the continuation of the series The Young Pope from last season.  Don't miss this one on HBO!  It is such a great story.  Lets you know what would probably happen if a pope like our present Francis (but named Francis the Second in the show) decided to completely live the principles of St. Francis of Assisi -- and put into practice those ideals in the Catholic church itself. The next episode will introduce John Malkovich as another contender for the papal position.  It promises to bring more revelations, as layers are pulled back to reveal hidden truths.  Whether or not you are Catholic -- or have never or ever been at one time -- I think you will find the cleverly written and well-acted story to be very interesting.  On HBO.