Saturday, May 04, 2019

Dubya Bush - could he force Trump out of office? Read this link and see what you think

George W. Bush may be the only person in the world who can force Trump out of office

This article presents an outrageous idea, but should be considered for the hail Mary pass we need right now.  For most Democrats, Dubya Bush will always be George the Dumb, a stupid idiot.  But in the Republican world of crazy tea bags and MAGA hats and Trump (and Bush) worship, Dubya actually has gravitas...or what passes for that on Earth Two.  Maybe, just maybe, there is merit in this argument that he, given help in speech writing and a teleprompter to read, could convince the Trump supporters that they are following their "dear leader" off a cliff, and taking us and our country along with them.  But, honestly, I doubt it. Those blind and deaf cheerleaders behind Trump at his rallies, shouting "Hail, Trump!" (yes, actually and chillingly!!!) are so suckered in by now, I think even their still-loved Dubya can't turn them around.  For those of us who lived through the "Heil, Hitler!" days, we are shaken to our depths to see another mad lunatic rising up in our own country on the same tide of bigotry and hatred that caused World War II.  So what to do now, in this day, to save our democracy and preserve our way of life?.....

Here is what I think:  We Democrats MUST act now, instead of tip-toeing around like we always do, bending over backwards (as Obama did) to let McConnell obstruct everything we propose.  Pelosi MUST follow her Constitutional duty and start impeachment proceedings!  Rules of law are falling to Trump's ax, right and left, while we Democrats dither around, selling our own souls for poll data, hoping against hope that someone will emerge as the Dem. front runner to take Trump out of office.  The gerrymandered districts and right-wing judges (and unimpeded foreign enemy influence) are against us; we cannot keep dithering!  If ever there was a time to hold our elected officials' feet to the fire, this is it!  We are in grave danger of losing our democratic government and (for God's sake!) the ability of our planet to sustain life!  Political considerations aside, impeachment is absolutely necessary, whether or not it can pass in the McConnell-owned Senate!  The rules of law MUST be followed and protected, or we will certainly lose them all to the mad Trumpzilla monster stomping through our government, screaming, "Off with their heads!'  Where are our Churchills and FDRs in today's world, standing up against any and all who would take away our democracy?  

If we need to start marching in the streets in order to get our elected Democrats to grow a backbone, then I say, Get your pink pussy hats out of storage or make new red/white/blue ones, stick them on your heads, and let's go!  If you agree with me, please call or write Pelosi, Schumer and your representatives in Congress to MOVE AHEAD WITH IMPEACHMENT NOW! Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!!!!  Please pass along if you agree:
Pelosi's phone numbers:  (202) 225-4965 Washington, DC  and (415) 556-4862  San Francisco
Schumer's phone numbers: (202) 224-6542 Washington, DC   (518) 431-4070 Albany  (315) 423-5471 Syracuse