Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tears of love may well up within when you watch these short videos of Mr. Rogers

What a wonderful man -- he gifted his life to the world by spreading kindness and love wherever he went. With these new documentaries about Mr. Rogers -- and a soon-in-theaters movie about his life, starring Tom Hanks -- we have a new chance to see Fred Rogers and be inspired by him and his most beautiful philosophy of life.  I think anyone seeing him talk with little 5-year-old Fred Ehrlinger (and then in the next video see Fred Ehrlinger as an adult in a surprise appearance at the Academy Awards tribute to Mr. Rogers) will find tears rolling down their cheeks, and a renewed appreciation for the man who liked/loved everyone.  

It is nice to know that everyone who sees these videos today will be thinking of Mr. Rogers and sending him love, wherever he is today in his heavenly neighborhood.  😇