Thursday, October 19, 2017

Duhmbya's Back and he's attacking Trump (Good Grief, will this nightmare never END?)

Did you ever think the Republicans would have to send out Duhmbya Bush (who helped ruin the party) to try to salvage it?  Duhmbya and Cheney -- along with Mitch McConnell and all the obstructionist congressmen--laid the foundational bricks for a Trump presidency.  They are responsible for the FrankenTrump monster they alone created.  And now they have to turn to Cheney's puppet to try to mitigate the disaster they have foisted off on the nation--and the world.  I turned off the TV this morning when Duhmbya came on (Oh, NO!) reading the words that had been written for him by a terrified GOP that sees its sweet dreams of taking over the White House and inflicting their disastrous policies on the middle-class and poor, come to fulfillment in ways they never expected.  But they should have expected this from Trump. He is their man, the creature they built, and they are the ones who will have to take him down (until Mueller can do it--HURRY UP, MUELLER!). 

WATCH: Bush just delivered a stunning 16 minute repudiation of Trumpism — without ever mentioning his name