Saturday, September 02, 2017

Religious Leaders Called to Oval Office to Worship Golden Calf (Drumpf)

Religious Leaders Called To Oval Office To Worship Golden Calf


Trump needed another ego fix, so he called in a bunch of the same evangelical leaders who sold their faith to get him elected and nudged them into fawning mode.

"Would someone like to say a word or two to the lovely people gathered before us?" Trump said.

That was their cue to start cynically cooing over Trump and praising him for declaring a day of prayer over Harvey. (Isn't there something in the Bible about worshipping a golden calf?)

And after all, they're getting free air time.

It's really sickening.

One of them did manage to ask about DACA.

"Sometime today and over the weekend, I will have a decision," said the snake oil salesman in chief.

"We love the dreamers. we love everybody, thank you very much. thank you. We will issue it sometime over the weekend, maybe this afternoon. We are working on emergency funding, doing everything we can and working well with the governor who has done a terrific job.

"Thank you very much, everybody."

Thank you all for denigrating your faith and worshipping power instead of doing what is supposed to be God's work.