Friday, February 03, 2017

Robert Reich: Kellyanne Conway’s ‘utterly hapless’ Bowling Green lie shows ‘facts no longer matter’

We have entered the Twilight Zone where "alternative facts" are constantly being made up by the corrupt Trump administration to further dupe their naive, mindless supporters (the ones P.T. Barnum spoke of when he said  "you can fool some of the people all of the time").  Along with all of his other fast-accumulating YUGE mountain of lies, Trump is now also boastfully claiming ownership of the healthy job market, based on good numbers announced today that were inherited from the Obama administration  (you know, those numbers that Trump used to call "FAKE!" when they were issued while Obama was still in the White House). 

We are unable to believe anything that comes out of the Bannon/Trump White House, which will go down in historical infamy for its bold, blatant disregard for truth and unending promulgation of lies to keep its Tear-Down-America agenda going.  Until this rotten-to-the-core regime is inevitably brought down by its own horrific errors in judgment, we must listen to truth-tellers like Robert Reich for trustable actual facts.  And pray unceasingly that impeachment takes place before this deadly Master & Puppet duo blunder us into nuclear war.

Robert Reich: Kellyanne Conway's 'utterly hapless' Bowling Green lie shows 'facts no longer matter'

By Brad Reed

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is getting slammed from all sides after she cited a nonexistent massacre committed by Iraqi refugees in Bowling Green, Ken. to justify President Donald Trump's travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries.

In a new Facebook post, Robert Reich slammed Conway and other "utterly hapless" Trump surrogates for trying to defend the travel ban despite having no "coherent arguments or talking points or even facts."

Reich then goes through the litany of falsehoods the Trump administration has used to justify its travel ban: The aforementioned terrorist attack in Bowling Green that never happened; the false claim that Trump's refugee policy is similar to a policy that former President Barack Obama enacted in 2011, despite the fact that "there was never a point during the Obama administration when Iraqi resettlement was stopped or banned"; and citing the 2015 San Bernardino massacre as justification for the ban, despite the fact that the ban wouldn't have stopped either perpetrator from entering the country.

In conclusion, Reich says that the Trump team cannot think of a single real justification for its travel ban — but he also finds himself wondering whether they will pay any price for perpetuating falsehoods.

"Is this just carelessness, or are have the Trumpists simply decided facts no longer matter?" he asks.