Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love that truth teller Bill Maher!

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Bill Maher took a shot at Republicans in his New Rules segment by showing us that they have absolutely no interest in governing and instead are just trying to whip their base up into a frenzy fear mongering over the latest faux outrage of the day.  Republicans, said Maher, focus on "useless distractions," making mountains out of molehills, while ignoring the real issues facing the country: "Climate change, loose nukes, debt, infrastructure, the wealth gap, our addiction to oil from weird, distant places run by monsters that want us dead, like Alaska." 

MAHER: New Rule – Fantasies are for sex, not public policy. When you go down the list of useless distractions that make up the Republican Party agenda; public unions and Sharia law, anchor babies and a mosque at ground zero, ACORN and National Public Radio, the war on Christmas, the New Black Panthers, Planned Parenthood, Michelle Obama’s war on desserts…

…you realize that one reason nothing gets done in America is that one of the political parties puts so much more into fantasy problems. Governing this country with Republicans is like rooming with a meth addict.

You want to address real life problems like when the rent is due and they’re saying “How can you even think of that stuff when there’s police scanner voices coming out of the air conditioning unit?”

Among Maher's slams:
   --On ACORN: "Republicans are obsessed with people cooking up wild, nonexistent schemes to vote, ignoring one important truth: this is America. No one wants to vote."
   --The lunacy of Oklahoma banning Sharia when the Muslim population there is "rapidly approaching zero."
   --The New Black Panthers, in which he said about Republicans, the truth is, "every black person scares you." Then, in a local joke for Californians, he put up a video slide of the two black guys standing outside the polling station in Philadelphia, he pointed to the audience and said, a guy from Orange County saw the photo and look, he's leaving the studio. (Orange Country is heavily white, heavily Republican.)
On Thursday, the day the House would vote on NPR funding, Ron Paul chastised his Republican colleagues for pretty much doing the same thing by obsessing over NPR when the cost of the war in Afghanistan is a far more important issue to address.