Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Beliefs

I have made a long spiritual journey through my adult years and have finally come to a satisfying understanding that feels just right. I have always wondered what "this" (Life) all is! "What is it about?" and biggest question of all, "Who are we?" Better yet, "Who am I?". These questions have been rolling around in my mind ever since I was a child. Many years of searching took me to lots of wrong places--or at least places where there were no good answers--until finally I reconnected with an old friend who told me his own story and of the understanding he had come to. What he told me rang a bell with me -- it was clear, simple, and yet profound. Hearing him speak of it, I felt that I was finally "home." He learned this understanding from a man in Australia who had learned it from a man in India. The clarity and simplicity of this "presence/awareness" that points to something beyond words--our real nature--has fully satisfied that longing in me for a true and final answer to my questions.

My friend, John Wheeler, has written four books that are actually compilations of online conversations he has had with many people on this subject, which he calls "the natural state." The link to his web site is www.naturalstate.us

Thank you, John! Mere words could never express my gratitude for the understanding you helped me to see--and that you continue to impart to all sincere seekers looking for a satisfying answer to their most intense questions of life.

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